Header creation using a Satellite!

After hideous gtalk mental torturing from, fellow Lee turtle, (who what lucks in speed gains at reverse psychology) i will reveal our latest technique of manipulating existing technologies for personal gain ehmm i mean for educating purposes!

Ok, first you find a satellite, preferably one with a good lens, hack inside, feed him some geographical coordinates take some pictures and crop the result to fit your blog & voila you have a unique header!!!
If satellite hacking isn’t your thing you can always use the bird eye view of Microsoft Live Maps. These days satellite tourism is all the rage, how else can you travel in mere second from nuclear power plants to abandoned aircrafts, to Niagara waterfalls to bright coloured cargo containers in Perama, to Dover white cliffs and finally to Tokyo Fish market (unfortunately you are unable to try fresh sushi…).

So the headers of this blog will be changing using this formula and according to moods, post updates, or other undefined forces, until of course we find something more exciting! (is there anything????)

|Tsukiji fish market (Tokyo) the place to eat fresh sushi!|

|White Cliffs of Dover (remember Quadrophenia?)|

|MIT, the place to be!|

|Cargo managment in Πέραμα|

|Niagara falls|

My 10 year old cousin probably wont find this very interesting… and 10 years from now it will be mere history…


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