Walking through Brick Lane…

Roaming the streets around Brick Lane market in a moody weather! Urban environment has its own language and looking closely you can see the results of human reaction with city elements… Maybe its my opinion but human interaction can be connected in different levels, we tend to focus only on the obvious ones, but sometimes silence or passiveness is more intense inside motion.. (just come back from a kitchen philosophical conversation with 2 flatmates so the post is affected a bit!). On with the photos!!

|Brick Lane bilingual|

|Two tube wagons outside their tunnels|

|Spiderman has MPD!|

|Invader triplet|

|the wall of a «massage» shop! Semiotic intriguing!|

|Shepard Fairey Obey Giant Poster|


|An interesting diptych painting|

|D*face installation|

|A chinook carrying a chandelier!|

|When muffings go Ronnin…|


|A little bit of Faith…|

|Anybody seen Sarah??|

| Some more photos in the flickr set here |


One Response to Walking through Brick Lane…

  1. Ο/Η koudouni λέει:

    Αααααχ! Λονδίνο!! Αχ Brick lane…! Ax! Αντε, που θα πάει? Θα έρθω ξανά! Τώρα εργάζομαι σκληρά για να βγάλω λεφτά! Πολύ ωραίες φωτογραφίες! Τα πιξελοτερατάκια ήταν κι όταν ήμουν εγώ. Τα άλλα δε τα είχα ξαναδεί. Το μαντήλι στη δεσποινίδα ήταν απ΄την αρχή ή μπήκε μετά?

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