Dutch Euro open sourced…

The clear flow of concept from realization to implementation is difficult especially when you deal with government bodies and organizations. (at least that is my hard wired experience so far). In Netherlands though you can see conceptual design even in their new 5 euro coin.

The design process is especially intriguing and well explained here . And last but not least every aspect of it was created with open source programs… (Lee probably laughs behind his mustache now).


5 Responses to Dutch Euro open sourced…

  1. Ο/Η skoupidiaris λέει:

    τιιι??? 5 ευρώ νόμισμα?? πάει την πατήσαμε…

  2. Ο/Η Lee Turtle λέει:

    Mas exete zalisei me to design. oloi mera blogs gia design diavazeis? To mono kalo einai to oti einai open source. Kata t’ala ena nomisma einai ena nomisma. Kai mono ena 5E na eixe tha ekane t douleia tou mia xara.

  3. Ο/Η KamikaZZZi λέει:

    To Ban – Ray to gyalaki to forame omws e!?
    kai to mac book to doulevoume…
    Ase de to hybrid amaxaki pou tha pareis se ligo…
    mi milas katholou!

  4. Ο/Η Lee Turtle λέει:

    Nai ok, apla eseis to parakanete me to design – mas exete zaliseiiiiiiiiiiiii

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