It’s so Cold in Antarctica!!!

When you set a beacon in the sea eventually some stray ships will come your way, and if your beacon looks like bacon or has weird colours and makes strange sounds… well its pretty clear that every ship or bathtub that comes to you would be an interesting acquaintance. In two years we roam the oceans using pSit as a lighthouse we encountered lots of interesting people. One of them likes refrigerators and lives in Antarctica! how wonderfully crazy is that!?? So these photos are dedicated to her! or him, maybe it’s a crazy penguin maybe a mad scientist who knows! One thing i can tell is that my perspective for refrigerators changed completely!!


5 Responses to It’s so Cold in Antarctica!!!

  1. Ο/Η whatshername λέει:

    The tesco bags almost made me cry.

  2. Ο/Η skoupidiaris λέει:


  3. Ο/Η kamikazzzi λέει:

    did i hit a distant memory?

  4. Ο/Η whatshername λέει:

    Nah, not that distant, απλά θυμήθηκα τι ωραία που πέρασα στα Λονδίνα τον Δεκέμβρη. Was just being a smartass really :$

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