V@$£»%$£lentine’s day…

Saturday… the day i usually choose to roam the center of London, the day tube lines turn crazy from maintenance works, and people flood the streets… Walking is the best way to see a city, walking at your own pace and exploring new neighbourhoods even better. Coffee, a little Takashi (Murakami) a little Jasper (Goodall) both turn out to be quite small!? but nonetheless walking, new streets nice weather… Noodles and cashew and another coffee.

The night is young, new neighbourhood, quite… never been here before, walking 265 numbers to hear Lithuanian jazz, Domas and Ingrid are already there, the band is gone, some lager, 23:30 here 1:30 in the hometown (+2:00 GMT)… the fatal discovery that my cell phone, hidden underneath a pile of clothes and bags, decided to took matters in its own buttons, and called a violently forgotten love of the past, $»£%$£% fucking valentine, i suppose when i go back the restraining order will be served to me in the airport…

On the way to the tube station i notice a small stenciled canvas on a parking meter!?! no one seems to give a damn, i take it and in the comfort of my dorm room discover that it is actually a project (a nice one!) from Fark FK & Beautiful Crime. Apparently its not the first time they released designs in the streets of London. 10.000.000 people vs 30 canvases! what were the odds?? Really interesting idea… (the photo was taken in my kitchen after a messy meal)!


Τα σχόλια είναι απενεργοποιημένα.

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