Broken Bones…

Absent from the blog for a looooooong time, in my last post i was still in Londinium, and it was early May… 2 months after, different continent, diluted pupils and a strange nomadic feeling. Summer… Once more i ride my mobile, 2 wheeled, office in expeditions throughout remote Greek islands, feels like i ‘m in Shakleton’s crew… Both Lee & me are creatures of constant motion, it’s what keeps you alive in the end. motion in the form of creation, not the macabre dance of a headless chicken. Another project is taking form as we speak, it is called and it will require attention and care like a newborn child. I proclaim the end of an era for the pSit team (although you can never be sure about such things). This blog has become a fully grown digital flower and it will stay in the Internet fauna as a remembrance of a specific phase in time and space. I really can’t tell if the updates will stop, we live in certain loops of excitement vs routine, the more excited we get the more expressive we become hence the need of this blog, so who knows, maybe here maybe in another digital platform, one thing’s for sure, i am really glad for all the crazy freakygeekyhairybeautiful people we met in the process…
and if i could quote Roberto Benigni: «I would like to kidnap everybody and lie down making love to everybody!»

the pSit team! (Lee turtle & KamikaZZZi)

(photo above: Bill, after I painted his cast)


2 Responses to Broken Bones…

  1. Ο/Η lilo λέει:

    xafnika niotho mia paraxeni thlipsi. snif.

    kala armenismata na ‘xeis crazygeekyfreakygreek.
    u too mister turtle.

  2. Ο/Η Lee Turtle λέει:


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