Broken Bones…

Ιουλίου 9, 2009

Absent from the blog for a looooooong time, in my last post i was still in Londinium, and it was early May… 2 months after, different continent, diluted pupils and a strange nomadic feeling. Summer… Once more i ride my mobile, 2 wheeled, office in expeditions throughout remote Greek islands, feels like i ‘m in Shakleton’s crew… Both Lee & me are creatures of constant motion, it’s what keeps you alive in the end. motion in the form of creation, not the macabre dance of a headless chicken. Another project is taking form as we speak, it is called and it will require attention and care like a newborn child. I proclaim the end of an era for the pSit team (although you can never be sure about such things). This blog has become a fully grown digital flower and it will stay in the Internet fauna as a remembrance of a specific phase in time and space. I really can’t tell if the updates will stop, we live in certain loops of excitement vs routine, the more excited we get the more expressive we become hence the need of this blog, so who knows, maybe here maybe in another digital platform, one thing’s for sure, i am really glad for all the crazy freakygeekyhairybeautiful people we met in the process…
and if i could quote Roberto Benigni: «I would like to kidnap everybody and lie down making love to everybody!»

the pSit team! (Lee turtle & KamikaZZZi)

(photo above: Bill, after I painted his cast)



Μαΐου 8, 2009

Yesterday I met Scotti in a park, she was playing with a trunk!! A small little brute.. For some reason i feel empathy for that specific breed of dogs. Their strange shape (derived from selected cross breeding to satisfy our own human vanity) produces disgust in many people. Treated most of the time as freaks of nature. Hating something you made is like despising your own soul. A dog with a curse. Born with the innocence of a baby and the power of a bone crashing steel press, it waits patiently to copy the attributes of the man with the lease… Scotti was trying to balance the trunk in its back , I kneel to take pictures and she runs excitedly near me. «She only gets angry when she sees me angry» said the man with the leash…
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Running around life, listening to death…

Μαΐου 8, 2009

Running as an exploratory medium! It can take you places you have never been before. Through headphones i engage in philoshopical discussions about Death. Open course podcasts from renowned universities as opposed to music? It works just fine and soon I am lost in previously unexplored territories. When your mind disengages from physical activity there is no fatigue, you switch to auto pilot… you just run…
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The Great London Garden Trail…

Μαΐου 6, 2009

Bank Holiday in London! You only need a context to frame your urge to roam around the city. Sometimes you just walk. There is an event for a book promotion where several gardens are made open to public for one day only. What better excuse to use as connecting points in my journey. Camden and Chelsea (South Kensington) mostly. The weather betrays the mood, until I reach the first stop. Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital, the entrance is happy! It destroys all my previous healthcare experiences. Damn, why can’t hospitals reflect optimism instead of pain? Walls are covered with children toys and everything is chained with a white layer (hospital factor). Weird signage with Arabic and Greek? translations! I missed roofs, height increases your field of vision, topped with trees and clouds!
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Poster boy

Μαΐου 5, 2009

man I miss going out doin’ things.

[via: Local Athens]

I won’t do it

Μαΐου 5, 2009

Athens - April 2009

Seems that optimism is not a friend of a lot of people here in Athens lately. I’m really curious to find out why this guy wants to be killed by me. I don’t deserve to kill him :p


Μαΐου 4, 2009

Athens - April 2009

Found @ Exarxeia (Athens). It’s weird, but I can’t remember when I took this pic. Maybe I was drunk or … happy!